Afghan tribal jewelry; A new fashion hype

Have you ever pondered over the kinds of accessories that you can wear with your attires? Or have you ever thought of diverging from the usual jewelry designs? If your answer is in negation, now is the time. Because it’s never too late to bring innovation in your styles. Afghan jewelry designs are a classy version of jewelry. They have a signature style that inculcates a sense of tradition. This type of jewellery depicts the true Afghani culture dating back to thousands of years. It is a sign of nobility and wealth in the region. These designs are a perfect blend of culture and trends.

Either you are a fan of heavy jewellery or lighter one, Afghan jewelry brings it all. You may be tired of the usual delicate jewelry designs. Why not choose a different style this time?

Afghan jewelry not only commemorates the old traditions and culture, but also highlights the trends. Designers keep on renovating the designs of Afghani jewellery to cope up with the demands of customers. However, the original Afghan jewelry designs have a separate fan-base. Afghan tribal jewelry online shopping has become an uphill task beacuae of the risks of online shopping. Because you can never compromise on quality of the products.

Afghan jewelry online shopping

A number of brands are offering quite affordable Afghani chokers in very good quality. You can shop them online as well as in stores. Let’s have a bird’s eye view of the latest designs of Afghan jewelry in 2023. The most famous articles of Afghan jewelry include ethnic designs of

  • Oversized Chokers
  • Afghani necklaces
  • Traditional Mala sets
  • Ethnic rings
  • Aesthetic mathapati
  • Metallic handcuffs
  • Hair accessories

Oversized Chokers; Afghan Tribal jewelry

You may be fond of large size necklaces but Afghani oversized Chokers have a completely different vibe. These chokers are a beautiful depiction of cultural heritage. They look amazing and unique at weddings and special events. There is a huge variety of Afghan choker designs. In addition to the designs, the best thing is color combination. The colorful afghan motifs bring a whole new look to them. Heavy oversized chokers best pair up with plain monochrome shades.

Mala; Afghan jewelry online shopping

Who on earth won’t love to wear a classy mala with a plain sari? Mala is a royal piece of jewellery. Dating back to old afghan traditions, this has become a part of festive wear in Asia as well. Afghan mala holds a distinction because of the metallic tassels and afghan motifs. These mala have adjustable necklines made of threads and beads. The latest designs of mala go very well with both eastern and western dresses design. This year add some unique pieces of afghan jewelry to your wardrobe.

Afghani Earrings

A pair of ethnic earrings can do justice to any attire. Afghan jewelry designs encapsulate intricate designs of pretty studs and earrings. The basic theme of these earrings is a metallic motif with multicolored central design. A cluster of tassels hang around the central motif. Golden and silver afghan earrings match with all types of attire. Check out the most recent designs of afghan jewellery and get your hands on them.

Ethnic Afghani Rings; Afghan tribal jewelry

Rings add an extra spice to the dressing and makes your hands look more beautiful. Be it a festive or a casual ring, it imparts a groomed impression to your hands and persona. If you want to get some unique pieces of rings, afghan rings are the best option. These rings have a large central motif and metallic tassels around the circumference of the ring. They impart an aesthetic sense of fashion to your persona. Visit online stores to check the diversity of designs and get them for your next function.

Afghani Mathapati

Matha Patti brings a variation in style. The usual headpieces have bored the fashionistas. Afghani Matha Patti is a beautiful tradition that inculcates culture in causal events. These headpieces are made of raw metal that contains precious and semi precious stones. The metal is deconstructed from the old afghan jewellery pieces. This metal goes under process and various designs come out of it. In addition to stones, beadwork is also the specialty of these types of jewelry designs. Afghani mathapati is also paired up with the traditional cap. The multicolored cap makes the mathapati more stylish and ethnic. You can match your attire with the cap or colors of the central motif.

Hand cuffs; Vintage afghan jewelry

Bangles and bracelets are no more in fashion. Afghani hand cuffs are the new fashion trend. These handcuffs are made up of metal. Both golden and silver afghan hand cuffs have beautiful embellishments and colorful motifs. In addition to this, these voguish Afghani tribal jewelry pieces have pretty stones and colorful designs. You can match them with your attires to rock at events.

Aesthetic Afghani Hair accessories

Hair accessories include ethnic hair clips and hair pins. These pins have pretty color and embellishments. They are way more stylish than the usual hair accessories. They give a classy impression. Visit online stores to check the variety of hair clips. Designers keep on renovate the designs of Afghan tribal jewelry online. They provide a dazzling tinge of ancient afghan culture and modern fashion trends in jewelry. The result is a royal and stylish niche of pretty jewelry to wear at all events. Why not give your hair a treat?

Where to get Afghan jewelry online in Pakistan?

Get your hands on these voguish Afghani jewelry designs online in Pakistan. There are various brands that offer high quality Afghan jewellery online in affordable prices. They provide a very pleasant afghan jewelry online shopping experience in Pakistan. You can visit them online and order your Afghan tribal jewelry at your doorstep.

  • Zewar Khan
  • La Mosaik
  • M.B Collections
  • Slayvo
  • Afghan accessories

So what are you waiting for? Put aside your old jewelry. Fill your wardrobes with the original afghan jewelry designs. Get your Afghan jewelry online in Pakistan now.

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