Top Clothing Brands in Pakistan

In Pakistan, fashion is just not a word it is a mixture of vibrant woven cloths and quality texture. Pakistan is a land rich in history and tradition, its also global fashion landscape has also appeared as a dynamic force worldwide. From the bustling bazaars of Lahore to the Chic boutiques of Karachi, however the captivating world of Pakistani clothing brands brings all kinds of styles from old-fashioned to super modern. Pakistan’s fashion sense always changes with time. Below are the top 26 brands that play a constructive role in shaping how people see Pakistan’s fashion. Do check them out before you plan to shop.

1- Khaadi – Top Clothing Brand

Khaadi is a lies top among the women clothing brands inspired by the old craft of hand-woven material. The Khaadi brand also aims to preserve the cultural heritage of Pakistan. Khaadi introduced vibrant colors, design aesthetics, and uniqueness in every style and stitch. In addition to this, Khaadi’s products range from Eastern Pret to unstitched fabrics. Besides this khadi has also introduced accessories and home textiles. The seasonal collection of khadi ranges from casual wear to festive attire. With a local and international presence, khadi has many outlets in several countries, including the UK and Canada.

2- Nishat linen

Nishat Linen is among the top women clothing brands in Pakistan that strongly emphasizes stylish designs and quality textiles. Nishat Linen offers a vast area of women clothing, including ready-to-wear bread collections and unstitched fabric in several designs. Their clothing style ranges from traditional to casual wear and from bold colors to cool ones. Also, Nishat Linen is known for its seasonal collection and the latest fashion trends. The high-quality fabric includes pret, printed, embroidered, unstitched, and luxury clothing. They bring a broad and vibrant color palette and infuse them with style and elegance.

3- Maria B

Maria B is a crafting luxury in Pakistani fashion and is known to be among the top women clothing brands in Pakistan. Maria B blends traditional and modern designs. The brand also uses detailed embroidery and fancy decorations in its designs. Maria B has several brand collections including luxury formals, luxury Pret,, Maria B lawn embroidered fabrics, linen, bridal and luxe fabrics, contour, chiffons, silk, fragrances, and signature jewelry. However, t

the brand focuses on modern femininity, soft texture, and bright spring colors. Their collections scatter to a wide range of occasions from everyday wear to special events. Maria B is a Pakistani designer brand that is also renowned for its bridal wear.

4- Gul Ahmed – Best Clothing Brand

Gul Ahmed is an iconic women clothing brand in Pakistan synonymous with quality and innovation in Pakistan’s fashion industry. They aim to challenge the limitations when it comes to designing and weaving clothes and provide excellent quality. Gul Ahmed has a strong presence in international countries and it has become a trusted choice for fashion influencers. Their catalog ranges from vibrant Lawn prints to elegant winter collections.

Moreover, the unstitched collection has a wide variety of cambric, Malhaar collection, Bagh Collection, and festive collections which are specially for Eids. Not only this, Gul Ahmed has an amazing luxury saree and abaya collection. Gul Ahmed is a blend of rich Pakistani culture and global fashion trends.

5- Limelight – Affordable Clothing Brand

Limelight stands high among the well-known female clothing brands in Pakistan which was started in 2010. This brand grew fast due to its wide variety of unstitched, stitched, Pret, eastern, and Western wear clothes with vibrant color palettes and smooth fabric. Limelight has more than 80 outlets in almost every city of Pakistan. Their stores have an amazing aesthetic environment for shopping.

Limelight provides a high-quality and affordable price range. The collection includes formal, Cambric, Embroidered Summer, lawn, jacquard, silk, casual, short kurti, pants, denim, skirts, cardigans, shawls, Co-Ords and jumpsuits. Besides this, they also have women’s accessories like branded bags, wallets, scarves, footwear, jewelry, sunglasses and hair accessories.


Sapphire is another famous name among women’s clothing brands in Pakistan that has quickly risen for its stylish and affordable clothing and accessories. Sapphire combines pure fabric with design aesthetics to create a trendy print with modern cuts at a very affordable price. The catalog includes a ready-to-wear collection with festive, luxury, matching separates, silk, and embroidery clothing. Sapphire offers a wide range of unstitched, western, sleepwear, and modest-wear clothing collections.

Sapphire is the best choice for females who seek stylish but budget-friendly clothing.

7- Sana Safinaz

Sana Safinaz is a top clothing brand in Pakistan known for its chic and contemporary fashion.

The brand’s clothing collection is popular for its fine details and for creating outfits that are both classy and trendy. It smoothly blends traditional craftsmanship with modern aesthetics and covers a wide range of women’s clothing. They offer Pret wears which are best for casual outings and formal gatherings.

Sana Safinaz is no doubt the uncrowned boss among the popular women clothing brands for bridal wear and for its rich fabric and majestic designs. The brand complements its clothing line with a selection of accessories including clutches, jewelry, and also scarves. San Safinaz has outlets in the US, Canada, Europe, and the UK as well. Additionally, the brand offers couture wear including Afghan, Chinese, Pastel, Diffusion, Kyra, and many other collections.

8- Bonanza Satrangi

Bonanza Satrangi is a kaleidoscope of colors in Pakistani fashion since it has a diverse and vibrant clothing collection. This Brand also offers classic prints to fit their clothing collection deflect the Pakistani rich culture tapestry and the love for color and patterns. Bonanza has 40 years of experience in providing superior fabric. They operate over 80 outlets across Pakistan and hold the distinction of being the largest textile industry in Pakistan.

Bonanza Satrangi offers a wide range of ready-made female clothing including casual, semi-formal, and formal attire. Their luxury stitched collection includes Chamak Dhamak, Festive, Baad-E-Saba, Kaamdani, and Bunai collection.

9- Zellbury – Clothing Brand

Zellbury is a well-known crawling brand in Pakistan that offers a wide range of female clothing and accessories. Zelbury has gained popularity because of its fashionable but affordable clothing collections their products include ready-to-wear clothing unstitched fabric for customization and accessories such as scarves, khussa and back The brand provides a diverse collection of claws from casual wear to formal events with trendy prints and designs.

Due to its reasonable prices, the brand has made fashion accessible to a wide audience like many other fashion brands in Pakistan, Zellbury also introduces a seasonal collection with current fashion trends and changing weather conditions. Their signature collection includes the embroidered shirt shalwar with vibrant and soft colors.

10 –Beechtree

Beechtree clothing collection plans the natural elements floral motives and earthy colors into its wide clothing collections resulting in fresh and aesthetic designs. The brand is inspired by the

Beechtree which reflects nature-inspired fashion beechtree primarily caters to women and offers many clothing options including Prets, luxury Prets, printed, embroidered, and seasonal collections.

Beechtree is known to use eco-friendly materials in their clothing. The brand has gained popularity for its nature-inspired designs and affordable prices they offer 1-piece, 2-piece, and 3 pc 3-piece clothing. Besides women’s clothing, they also offer many accessories like footwear, handbags, hats, fragrances, scarves, Belts, branded jewelry, socks, and envelopes. Their best seller is the embroidered shirts which are very reasonable in price.

11- Warda – Luxury Clothing Brand

Warda is a blend of elegance and traditional clothing brand in Pakistan it has been making its mark in the fashion industry from the year 2006. Their female clothing collections include Gulposh, Luxe addition, luxury Pret, festive edition, formals, wedding, and bridal wear. They use white variety of fabrics from lawn to silk and incorporate traditional Pakistani elements to make it a cultural aesthetic. The brand is known for its unique color play and traditional printing techniques. Warda is now also available in international countries.

12- Ethnic

Ethnic is a prominent Pakistani clothing brand that draws inspiration from the diverse culture and traditions of Pakistan. Their designs often include embroidery and classic frames paying homage to the country’s cultural heritage. It was launched in 2013 and then it evolved as the most fashionable and creative band brand in Pakistan. Ethnic blends the Eastern and Western cultural clothing wear for women. Ethnic has a wide product range in women’s Pret including Casuals, Rozana, Fusion, Capsule, Western, Boutique, Semi-formal, and special price ranges for affordable designs. The color ranges from bright to subtle and experimental to classic silhouette.

13- Al-Karam Studio

Alkaram Studio is one of the leading brands in Pakistan. The brand’s catalog reflects its commitment to providing a choice that is diverse for its clients. Al-Karam offers unstitched fabrics with nostalgic designs. Al-Karam’s ready-to-wear collection is a perfect example of tailoring and timeless style. They blend classic and contemporary designs for casual wear and formal events. Moreover, our current studio also offers quality and aesthetic home decor including bedding and curtains.

14- HSY – Luxury Clothing Brand

Hassan shahariyar Yasin is the founder of HSY. The brand HSY is known for blending glamor with tradition and its fashion style is cutting-edge. HSY has a couture collection with luxury fashion, reach fabric, and craftsmanship making it the most popular choice for wedding and red-carpet events. HSY’s bridal wear is considered the most iconic Pakistani fashion. Their bridal collection is made from regal designs and majestic silhouettes. Besides the bridal wear and couture collection HSY offers ready-to-wear dresses in his signature style The brand HSY influences all across the globe and embraces the traditional Pakistani elements such as embroidery and ethnic motifs.

15- Junaid Jamshed

J Junaid Jamshed also known as J. is among the top-selling Pakistani clothing brands their brand is known for its faith-inspired clothing offering modest yet stylish attire. Their designs are simple with elegant cuts high-quality fabrics and soft colors. The woman collection includes an kurta unstitched (one piece, two pieces, three pieces), stitched, formals, saree, stoles and shawls, monochrome, and hand woven. They have the J. Essentials spread collection J.girls Mirror Summer Collection, J.midsummertain collection J. traditional print unstitched collection and J. Monsoon edit all these collections have a wide range of colors and diverse styles.

16- Chilgozay

Chilgozay is a countrywide women’s fashion clothing brand it offers high-quality western-style fabrics that are inspired by global trends and the fashion market. The best-seller includes black organza, embroidery digital,applic cotton dress, trendy skirt dress, truck art skirt dress, and tribal treasures. This brand also offers velvet embroidery dresses with beautiful colors and classic designs. Their pre-fall collection includes classic monochrome, ethnic black, embroidered maxi, and silk polka maxi.

17- Panache apparels

Panache Apparel is a woman-owned business and is among the top women clothing brands in Pakistan. This brand offers a wide variety of winter basics floral fusion for summer and luxury bread their best sellers include Jade, Florentina, sunflower, ash, pastel, perfection azure, Shabnam, Nisa, and Crystal. The women’s dresses design are made with a soft fabric and basic soft colors.

18- Saya

Saya is another affordable ladies’ clothing brand because of its luxury elegance and couture details. Their casual wear is the best option for both working women and women who are interested in fashion and daily lifestyle. The spring and summer unstitched digital luxury lawn collection of Saya is always sold out. Their clothes are made of a rich color palette and elegant prints. The clothing material includes lawn, chikankari, jacquard, and special zari. Saya launched the new arrivals which include the printed lawn shirts and Jaguar cotton shirts.

19- Asim Jofa

Asim Jofa is a redefining luxury in Pakistani fashion. Asim Jofa is known for its high quality and high fashion collections featuring intricate detailing, lavish fabric, and couture design. The bridal collection of Asim Jofa is the epitome of luxury and is filled with rich embroidery. Their top sellers include basic prints, the Aira collection, and the Aymen edit. The brand has an intermix collection, AJ basic prints, a day-to-day collection, a Rania collection, and Jofa prints Rania. The woman’s clothing is available in printing style, solids, and embroidered. The type of fabric includes intermix, cambric, lawn, cotton, chiffon, and cotton silk.

20-  ChenOne

Genuine is a lavish Pakistani clothing brand for women they offer fashionable yet affordable prices. Their summer collection includes 2 pc, 3 pc suits, single shirts, trousers, t-shirts, western fusion, casual trousers, denim, leggings, and nightwear. The winter collection includes sweaters, hoodies, sweatshirts, jackets, blazers, shrugs and cape sha. ChenOne offers vibrant prints breathable fabrics and cozy sweaters and coats. Despite their fashionable offerings, they maintain an affordable price range.

21- Almirah

Almira is a distinguished Pakistani clothing brand it is considered the top clothing brand for women in Pakistan since its women collection and designs feature classical prints. Almira offers a white selection of clothing for various occasions. In addition to this, their versatile catalog includes Khuwaab Siraye, Whimsical Whispers, Wasim Akram Collection, Modern Mavericks, Uns-e-Perahan, and Festive Hue Collection. Each collection depicts another style and strikes the ideal harmony between comfort and sophistication.

22- Agha Noor

Agha Noor is a relatively young and dynamic Pakistani fashion brand that is known for its fusion of contemporary style and traditional taste of fashion. The brand offers the best quality and detail in every stitched on stitched fabric. Two young sisters started this brand in 2011. Agha Noor introduces new designs every season and it is the only Pakistani brand that introduces new designs every week. Moreover, the specialty of Agha Noor is the affordable price of its amazing products.

23- Cross Stitch

Cross Stitch is a Pakistani prominent clothing brand that was established in 2000. This brand uses unique color palettes and offers high-quality clothing. Its artistic embroidery and vibrant colors weave a story of modernity and embrace the novel style. The collection includes an unstitched luxury collection which is available in stores and online, an embroidered collection, an Age of Fabulous Pret edit, an Exclusive Pret Cambric collection, winter shawls, and footwear.

24- Mushq

Mushq is one of the most aesthetic and luxury brands in Pakistan their wide variety of clothing collections for women and its designs are so appealing that they got the attention of every woman across the country. Their top collection includes Izhar, Qala, Astoria, Tesoro, Lawana, Broadway, Maison, Kahani, and many more. In addition to this, the brand has luxurious Maxis bridal wear and event wear. Mush uses chiffon, lawn, cotton, net, organza, silk, tissue, and other fabrics of high quality to design their clothes.

25- Bareeze

Breeze is a top-selling Pakistani clothing brand that sells in Pakistan and internationally. Their wide range of embroidered classics, premium prints, and festive collections are eye-catching. It showcases premium quality designs and appealing embroidery classics. Moreover, it also provides unstitched embroidery fabrics. They make their festive collections from chiffon, net, velvet, cotton, and organza.

26- Zeen

Zeen is a popular women clothing brand in Pakistan that designs dresses for modern-day women including chic pret, stylish bottoms, and unstitched fabrics. There are more than 27 nationwide outlets. Not only this but, zeen also provides exceptional quality and innovative fashion. Every piece is made with detailing. With the blend of Western styles and also classic prints zeen offers ready-to-wear on stitched and luxury clothing.

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