How to measure ring size at home? This is a tricky question but the answers might surprise you. Girls love to wear statement rings as they are the most popular accessory that goes well with almost every outfit. Unlike heavy jewelry, you don’t have to wait for a special occasion to wear your favorite rings. You can simply wear them with your daily attire and enjoy the feeling of having beautiful hands. Pakistani ring designs include a huge range of classic and contemporary styles that make your otherwise simple outfits chic ultimately giving your persona a groomed look. Pakistanis love to wear traditional rings on different occasions. Pakistani girls are seen adoring their engagement rings for a lifetime and then passing them to the next generation as a symbol of grandeur and as a valuable asset to their families.

Whether you like to wear a single ring, a pair of rings, or a whole stack of stylish and minimalistic rings, you must know your exact ring size. This is because one wrong fit can ruin your whole event. If you are wearing a tightly fitted ring, it may get you in trouble by getting stuck into your finger and may clot your blood resulting in a disaster. This situation may lead you to visit a jeweler and have your ring cut off.

However, this might not be possible for you to get your ring out of your finger without causing harm to your finger. So to avoid getting into such a situation, you must first check out the size of your ring. Similarly, you can drop your favorite ring if it is too loose for your finger. Dropping a loose gold or diamond ring that was a family asset can also get you into some serious trouble. So, before you buy a ring, just make sure that it is the exact size of your finger.

How to Measure Ring Size in Simple Steps

Measuring your ring sizes can be tricky sometimes if you are unaware of the techniques and methods to measure your ring size at home. If you are someone who doesn’t know her ring size, your worry is over. You can easily get your ring size measured by a nearby jeweler. However, if you can’t manage to visit a jeweler, this blog is for you. You can simply find your exact ring size at home through simple steps. Here is the detail of how to measure ring size at home. Follow these methods carefully to measure your ring size. The best idea is to repeat the steps at least two or three times to get the precise ring size at home.

Method 1: Find an Accurate Ring Sizing Chart

The first thing you need is to get your hands on a reliable ring sizing chart. There are a lot of jewelry websites that offer printable ring sizing charts. Download one and get it printed in the original size. If you can’t find a ring chart online, you can get it from a jeweler or a jewelry shop. These charts contain different standard ring sizes. It shows a lot of circles that represent multiple ring sizes for different fingers. Make sure that you print the chart in its exact scale. It shouldn’t be resized to adjust paper otherwise it won’t give you a correct reading.

The next step is to read the instructions on the ring sizing chart. Take a ring that you already have in your jewelry brand box. It must be your ideal ring size. Place it on the ring sizing chart and find the circle that fits the inner diameter of your ring. This circle corresponds to your exact ring size for the particular finger. Note down your size and order your rings. If you are ordering a stack of rings or buying a stack of rings to wear on different fingers of our hands, don’t forget to measure the size of every finger. This is because one ring can never fit in all fingers.

Ring Sizing

Method 2: How to measure ring size with a paper strip or a piece of string

This is the easiest answer to your question, ‘How to measure ring size at your home?’ All you need is a piece of string or thread. This string or thread should be non-stretchable. You can also use a paper strip in place of thread. Simply cut a thin strip of paper with a half-inch width. Wrap this paper strip or thread around the base of your desired finger. Mark the strip where it overlaps and unwrap it.

Take a ruler and measure the length of your strip from between the marks. Take the measurements in inches or millimeters. You can also convert cm to mm afterward if you take your reading in cm. Now consult the ring sizing chart and match the reading of your paper strip or thread with the ring sizes. This will give you the exact ring size of your desired finger. You can repeat it for different fingers.

Ring Size Measuring Strip

Method 3: How to measure ring size with a ring sizing kit

Multiple types of affordable ring sizing kits are available in the market. These ring sizing kits measure standard ring sizes according to your fingers. You can buy one from the market or order it online from a jewelry store. You can also get a ring sizing kit from a jewelry shop. All the instructions are mentioned in the ring sizing kit guide. Just follow them and get your accurate measurements. This method is highly precise and has fewer chances of error.

Ring Sizing Kit

Method 4: Use your previous rings to measure the size

If you are too lazy to go out to measure your ring size, you can get it done by using your previous rings. Have a look at your jewelry box and take out your favorite ring that fits you well. The ring should neither be loose nor too tight to take off. It must be a comfortable fit for your finger. Take a ruler and measure the inner diameter of your ring in millimeters. You can also take readings in inches or centimeters but you have to convert them to millimeters before consulting the ring sizing chart. Match your reading with the ring sizing chart and get your accurate ring size. This is how to measure ring size for women and men at home.

Method 5: Visit a jeweler

If you are still confused about your ring size. You can also simply visit a jewelry shop and get your ring size measured by a professional jeweler. They have special equipment for measuring ring size. This is the only way to ensure an accurate measurement and avoid any issues or discomfort with your ring.

Tips to remember while measuring your ring size

Besides the above-mentioned methods, below are some general tips that will help you out while measuring your ring size and buying the correct ring size. Let us look into some of the most useful tips.

  1. Whenever you buy a ring, don’t forget that a narrower ring will feel loose on your finger, while a wider band will be tighter. So when you choose a wider band do check it out before buying or get a slightly bigger size than your exact finger size. This will save you from getting your rings and bands stuck in your finger.
  2. If you are measuring your ring size at home, measure it at 2 to 3 different times in a day. This is because the temperature changes throughout the day and it may cause variation in your ring size. To avoid such circumstances, you can take a reading in the morning, mid-day, and evening to get a precise reading of your ring size.
  3. If you are measuring your ring size by using your previous ring, make sure that it is your exact size. It should be an easy and comfortable fit to your finger otherwise you won’t be able to get your accurate size. Measure your ring size multiple times if your ring is metallic as metal expands and shrinks with the temperature change.
  4. The ring size of different fingers is always different. Measure the ring size of the finger that you plan to wear the ring on. You can measure the ring sizes of all rings and note them down. This will make it easier to choose your rings every time you plan to shop online or in stores.
  5. If your finger size doesn’t fall in the category of standard ring sizes, the best solution is to get a larger size for your ring. Never choose a smaller size if you are in between standard ring sizes.
  6. Before buying a gift for your friends or family, check their sizes or get their previous rings to get a new one with an accurate size.
  7. If you gain or lose more than 5 to 7 kg, your fingers lose or gain fat too. Recheck your finger size in this case before shopping for new rings.
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