In our evolving landscape of fashion, some garments stand the test of time and bring elegance. Among these types of garments, loosely-fit yet flattering and freely-flowing kaftans emerge as a masterpiece offering a blend of comfort and easy styling. Kaftan originated from the Middle East and now has become the global fashion icon which is embraced by trendsetters in many intricate designs. Yet a common question persists and that is, ‘How to wear Kaftan?”

Kaftan is no longer just a fashion piece It’s a style anthem which weaves into your everyday looks. They are available in many variations and aesthetic designs , floral patterns and multicolor prints. They are also mixed with other styles like other additions of kimono or bell sleeves.  You can style kaftan in several ways and own every sidewalk like it’s your runway. Kaftans are made of light material and are perfect for the summer season as they are light and breezy. In today’s blog we will see how to wear kaftan dresses and look gorgeous all day.

There are some Do’s and Don’ts while styling kaftan as styling can either elevate your look or turn into a fashion blunder. You must be thinking then how to wear a kaftan? Don’t worry, we have got your back. Following are few of the things that you need to keep in mind before you choose kaftan dressing.

What is kaftan?

Kaftan is the ankle-length garment made with long flowing sleeves. It was primarily worn by men in the Middle East as a loose fitting dress with a long bottomed up robe. Most of the time it was crafted with silk or cotton and a belt was worn around the waist. Kaftan was worn by significant officials during major festivals or by the generals in the Ottoman empire. However , kaftan dresses became a fashion and were worn by poorer people. But in the past few years, Kaftan dresses have regained their fashion scenes and have been styled in several ways. In short, kaftan has truly stood the test of time evolving from historical roots to becoming a versatile and fashionable choice for wardrobes.

Let’s now look into the ways we can style kaftan.

How to wear kaftan with leggings?

Wearing kaftan with leggings is an effortless comfort with a stylish twist. Choose a kaftan which has a defined waistline to create a flattering silhouette. You can opt for a monochromatic look by pairing a long flowy kaftan with solid colored leggings. Experiment with contrasting patterns and choose the colors which best suit your personality and give a chic look. You can complete the look by wearing ankle boots or sandals depending on the occasion and some accessories like a sleek necklace and a bracelet.

How to wear kaftan with jeans?

Styling kaftan and jeans is like striking the perfect balance between casual and chic wear. You can choose a loose fitting caftan with a high waisted jeans for polished appearance for a modern twist you can add a denim jacket over a shorter captain try going for different textures and choose the one that compliments your personality you can also accessorize with the statement jewelries to add a touch of glamor.

How to wear a kaftan with a belt?

Styling a kaftan with a well chosen belt can transform your look into a statement fashion. As for dance, loose garments can help define your waist and add structure to your look. You have to opt for a thin or a white belt depending on the one that compliments your looks. You can tie the belt in a simple knot or a bow as well. Your looks change in the way you position the belt higher or lower. Placing the belt higher on the kaftan will give the illusion of longer legs and placing the belt lower will give you a relaxed vibe. Add accessories like hats or stylish sandals to enhance your look. Choose your hairstyle wisely. Go for a casual bun or loose waves as they work well with laid-back kaftan and jeans. Rock your kaftan with confidence!!  

How to wear kaftan nighty?

You can infuse your bedtime routine with the touch of luxury by choosing the right kaftan nighty. As kaftan is made of breathable fabrics like cotton or silk so it brings in the maximum comfort. Soft muted colors will give you a calming bedtime look. You can choose a matching sleep mask and sleepers for a complete look. You can also add a sweater or lightweight robe depending upon the season or your personal preference.

How to wear kaftan tops?

You have to be careful while styling the kaftan tops as it may end up looking too baggy. First step is to choose the right fit while wearing kaftans but generally loose and flowing. They should still have the right proportions for your body. You can pair them with fitted bottoms like skinny jeans, leggings or slim cut trousers.

You can wear a kaftan top with a casual denim pant or a formal tailored pant depending on the occasion. If your kaftan top is too loose consider adding a belt as it defines your waist and adds structure to the outfit. Choose a foot fear which goes perfect with your overall look like heels can add a touch of sophistication and sandals or flats can go well for a casual look. You can also layer your kaftan top with a camisole or a light sweater depending on the weather. Have fun with your styling and choose what suits your personal taste and occasion.

Styling Kaftan with a scarf

Elevate your kaftan kurta outfit by adding a scarf or shawl to the mix. It creates a stylish ensemble that’s bound to catch everyone’s eye at your next event. The beauty of a scarf lies in its versatility, offering multiple styling options for your kaftan kurta. You can use a scarf in many ways for example as a head wrap, around the neck, cinched at the waist, or casually draped over your shoulders. A scarf with kaftan will transform your look with effortless charm and flair.

Kaftan with palazzo

If you want to stand out with your outfit and want compliments, here’s a trick: team up your kaftan with flowy sharara or comfy palazzo pants. It’s like a magic trick that works like a charm, in traditional gatherings. This combo not only looks cool but also guarantees you a spot in the fashion spotlight. So, instead of going for the same old, why not try this awesome pairing? Get ready to rock the event, steal the show, and have everyone talking about your super stylish kaftan with sharara or palazzo pants combo.

How to wear Kaftan- Dos:

1. Choose some light accessories :  choose the jewelries like sleek necklaces which enhance the aesthetics of kaftan without overwhelming it.

2. Experiment with layering: Try leading your kaftan with a jacket or waistcoat for a chic look. This can add depth to your overall outfit.

3. Choose shoes wisely: keep in mind the length of kaftan before choosing your footwear. Choose the footwear according to the occasion.

4. Mix and match: Experiment with matching your kaftan with different bottoms such as legging jeans or white leg trousers This will help you find out the style which goes with your kaftan and your personality.

5. Select the right material and length: Choosing the right material is very important. For example, if you are going for a beach vacation then kaftans which are made of light fabrics like cotton are the best but if you want to style kaftan for evening parties or functions then go for  silk and rayon fabric kaftans.

6. Right bag: Since kaftan is a loose and a bit oversized outfit, small purses or clutches go well with it. Choose a neutral color bag to bring in an aesthetic look.

How to wear Kaftan- Don’ts:

1. Avoid over-accessorizing: do not overdo the accessories, especially the jewelry. If your kaftan is already embroidered then  going for more than needed jewelry can turn it into a fashion mishap.

2. Avoid poor fit: Do not wear kaftans that are too tight or too loose. If you are unable to find the right size you can always get them stitched as a well-fitted kaftan will enhance your overall comfort and look.

3. Do not choose clashing patterns: Do not clash many bold patterns Choose one dominant and keep the rest neutral and monotone. This will make your outfit visually appealing.

4. Choosing the right type of kaftan: Embellished Kaftans are perfect for party wear or night functions so do not wear them for casual day. If you want to style kaftan in the office, you can choose a shorter one and go for jeans or leggings.


Now you know how to wear kaftan and be the one who’s turning heads while you walk with confidence wearing your stylish kaftan outfit. Remember when it comes to rocking your kaftan, there are no rules but only guidelines. Whether you opt to pair it with jeans or leggings, break your fashion barrier and be real!! You are ready to style kaftans in offices, parties or beach vacations. As the kaftans have found their way back into the limelight, embrace its freedom and experiment with different looks according to your unique taste. Kaftans  brings in boundless possibilities of styling them. So go ahead and make a statement with your kaftan.

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