When we talk about plain shoes, we never forget the traditional khussa design. No doubt that heels and stylish fancy footwear are a craze for girls. But the trends change and so does the choices of our fashion freaks. Amidst all the variation in fashion, footwear holds significance as it either makes or breaks the look. However, one cannot carry open shoes or heels to every function. Sometimes this kind of shoes may become difficult to carry. They also can cause pain in ankles and joints if carried for a long duration. Therefore most ladies now choose plain footwear. Khussa design is one of the comfiest footwear and is the best choice to opt for when going with plain footwear.

Keeping in view the increasing demand for khussa design shoes, fashion designers are experimenting with new styles in it. To bring variety, they are creating amalgams of traditional khussa design with trendy designs. And the result is a new khussa design with a tinge of eastern as well as western design. A variety of khussa is available in the market that includes three main types of khussa. The first one is plain leather khussa designs. They are made up of leather and some velvet designs are also there. The second type of khussa is those with embroidery on them. While the third one is the printed khussa design.

It is thought that these khussa designs look best with traditional dresses like kurta, shalwar kameez, frocks, etc. But the case is a bit different now. You can wear khussa with almost any kind of attire. Be it a classic eastern dress designs or a trendy western attire, you can match them with a khussa and rock. One can go to the market and see a huge variety of khussa designs. This makes it perplexing to select a khussa for a particular event. Here is a short guide for you that will help you in the selection of color and type of khussa by the occasion. Also, you can check out the La Mosaik Collection of Khussa designs because all types of khussa shoes are present in it.

Simple Khussa Design

Starting with casual events like a day out with friends or lunch with colleagues. A simple khussa design is perfect to get for this kind of event. These khussa types look so classy and appealing with lawn kurtas. You can pair them up with jeans, trousers or straight pants. The simple khussa design includes the leather khussa that has light threadwork on it. If you want a variety in it, you can get the velvet designs. Ranging from bright colors to darker ones, you have a huge diversity in the hues. You don’t have to keep roaming in bazaars for hours and hours in search of the perfect pair. Because you can get all types of simple khussa designs at La Mosaik.

Embroidered Khussa

Imagine you are at a party or at a friend’s wedding. You are wearing matching high heels with your attire. You are walking in the hall greeting everybody and all of a sudden you sense an intense pain in your foot. Well, that’s something you never want to experience because it will ruin your function and mood. Why not have a safe choice? Get an embroidered khussa for you in such events and you will love the comfort it provides to your feet.      La Mosaik brings a mesmerizing assemblage of gorgeous embroidered khussa shoes. The embellishments and cute thread work are going to make your presence noticeable. Moreover, these easy-to-wear khussa designs are available in almost every color. Also, these come at affordable prices at your doorstep.

Printed Khussa          

One of the unique designs of this traditional footwear is the printed khussa. They are a bit trendier with a little tinge of classic essence. Floral prints, geometric designs, aesthetic multicolored hues, and themed prints are some of the most in-style printed khussa designs. Most of these khussa designs come in multicolored patterns. They look so stunning with plain dresses on one-colored attires. Check out the dazzling printed khussa design collection at La Mosaik. You are definitely going to make one of them a part of your wardrobe.

Arabic Khussa

Are you fond of Arabian nights? Or have you ever craved the Arabian footwear depicted in those stories? If yes you are at the perfect place. Because many stores in Pakistan display a beautiful collection of Arabic khussa designs for you. Not only do we deliver premium quality khussa designs, but also aim to satisfy the demands of the customer in the most affordable range. Visit the Arabic khussa shoes category in any multi-vendor fashion store. Have a look at the neat embroidery and shape and the quality they provide.

Sindhi Khussa

Sindh is known for three things; the traditional ajrak, the Sindhi khussa, and, the sajji dish. Sindhi celebrate their diverse culture and keep their identity with them wherever they go. Sindhi khussa comes in specific designs and unique threadwork. These khussas have pretty embellishments and mirror work on them. They are also pocket friendly and available in different shades. These high-quality khussa designs form a part of this assemblage. You can order the original Sindhi khussa at your place by going to Sindh.

Multani Khussa         

Have you ever heard about the traditional Multani khussa? They are the most traditional ones when we talk about khussa design. The traditional Pakistani embroidery and the shape of khussa make that look highly classic. These khussa are a part of Punjabi traditions and depict the culture of Punjab. They are known for high-quality leather and threadwork. They look so aesthetic when people wear them at cultural events. These Multani khussa designs not only come for women but they are famous for men as well. If you want to get your hands on these amazing khussa shoes, have a look at La Mosaik’s catalog.

Velvet Khussa

Velvet is a royal fabric and so is its effect on footwear and other accessories. Whether you wear a velvet dress or not, the velvet khussa is a forever thing. It gives extra decency and grace to your overall look. The velvet khussa designs come in almost all sizes and designs. So, this season pair up your dresses with velvet khussa design and get rid of the old-fashioned open shoes. Because these designs are worth it and you will crave for more due to the comfort they provide and the ease with which you can carry them to almost every occasion. Whether you want a plain velvet khussa or an embroidered one, there is a sumptuous amount of designs available at La Mosaik. Go grab yours!

Truck Art Khussa

Truck art is a famous tradition of KPK and Afghanistan. Not only due to its colorful patterns but due to the unique look, it presents. That is why now you witness designers bringing a renovated version of this truck art to the fashion market. You see various attires printed with this beautiful art and yes they look so aesthetic. Nowadays, truck art khussa is also a part of the cultural khussa design. They look so exclusive and attractive that they make you stand out wherever you go. Be it a casual gathering or a formal one, you can flaunt it with these truck art khussa shoes.

Khussa Design for Bride       

La Mosaik never forgets to be a part of your special day. We bring elegant khussa designs for bride as well. Pair up your wedding attires with the wedding khussa designs. Either you want green, yellow, orange or purple khussa shoes for mehndi or you need red or maroon ones. You get them all under one virtual roof. So get ready to shun the fear of falling on stage thinking that your heels will get stuck in your lehnga or maxi. Choose comfort that gives style as well. Explore the entire collection of khussa designs for bride and get yours.

Khussa Design for Groom

When they talk about weddings, everybody gossips about the looks of the bride, and the groom almost gets ignored. Hey grooms, you don’t need to worry much because we are introducing a handsome collection of khussa designs for grooms. Check out the dazzling leather khussa designs that will make your presence more significant. Match your wedding attire with the perfect khussa and here you go!

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If you are planning to get plain shoes, no need to think more. Now that you have understood the difference between all the khussa designs, it is easier for you to choose one. Just check out the aforementioned categories of khussa design at La Mosaik. You will love all of them. Match your dresses with these and select your pairs to place your orders. We will deliver your shoes to your doorstep.  Because your satisfaction is what we work for!

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