In Southeast Asia particularly in Pakistan the salwar kameez or kurta stands as the most traditional attire for men. The kurta holds a significant place in men’s wardrobe. A well-chosen and stylish kurta is more than just clothing, it is a statement which reflects your personality and style. Mens from all walks of life try to stay in tune with the latest fashion trends. The Pakistani fashion industry has diverse options offering everything from decent and classic kurta styles to more artistic and bold designs. The variety available at different brands caters to the individual’s personality and preferences. Explore famous top 10 kurta brands in Pakistan on Dress N Designing blog.

 Nowadays the trend from getting kurta stitched from one tailor is shifting towards the direct purchase from the beautiful kurta brands. This shift has allowed men to try out different styles with confidence and class. Many different Pakistani brands have stepped up to meet the growing demand for diverse and stylish kurta for men. These brands bring in the best kurta designs and offer extensive collections catering a broad range of taste and preference. Beside these stitched pieces there are unstitched and customization options available for those who prioritize their personal style.

In today’s blog we will dive deeper into the world of kurta brands in Pakistan. Let’s take a look at the vibrant traditional attire which are available at renowned named brands such as Edenrobe, Bonanza, Junaid Jamshed, Cherry House, Al-Karam, Nishat, and many more. From the timeless trends to beautiful embroideries on the sleek styled kurtas, let’s unravel the stories and trends of these iconic kurta brands in Pakistan.

1. Edenrobe

Edenrobe is one of the kurta brands for men in Pakistan This brand has a long history of designing top notch quality kurtas. Edenrobe’s collection is worn by men especially in wedding seasons. From classic to contemporary collections they are the best choice for the men who seek elegance and sophistication in their attire. Edenrobe kurtas effortlessly blend tradition with modern styles through their details and quality stitching. Their men kurta collection includes kameez shalwar, ceremonials like sherwanis and groomsmens collection.

2. Bonanza

The Kurta collection of Bonanza has always brought in timeless trends. Renowned for its quality fabric, these kurta can be worn  seamlessly from casual to formal occasions. Bonanza satrangi always makes sure to prefer style and comfort at the same time. Their kurta collection starts from very basic to decent and classic quarters made of cotton fabric, latha, unbranded cotton and premium versions. With every season they bring in a versatile collection with unique designs and always a better quality.

3. Junaid Jamshed

Junaid Jamshed is a synonym of classic. This men’s kurta brand in Pakistan has never failed to make its customers loyal and happy. Every year they launch their new Eid festive collection by J. which has a wide range of kurtas, waistcoat and salwar kameez. Their kurtas are famous not only in Pakistan but also overseas. J. seamlessly blends the eastern ethnic values and our cultural heritage. Their kurtas are available in stitched as well as unstitched fabrics. The stitched kurta designs are for formal, semi-formal and casual wear.

4. Gul Ahmed

If you are up to during the trendy kurtas then Gul Ahmed has the best kurta designs in Pakistan The kurta collection of Gul Ahmed includes vibrant colors and youthful designs their fabric is of the top notch and is 100% pure. Gul Ahmed is a favorite men’s kurta brand in Pakistan due to its vast designs. This brand combines comfort with styles and makes their kurta a popular choice of many. Their kurta range boosts rich textures and vibrant hues capturing the essence of Pakistani traditions.

5. Khaadi

Khaadi is known for its artistic expressions and translating its creativity into a unique kurta collection. From block prints to their intricate patterns. The khaadi kurtas showcase the brand’s commitment to artistic designs; their blend of creativity and comfort makes khadi a go-to choice for those men who seek distinctive styles.

6. Ismail Farid

Ismail Farid brings tailored sophistication to their kurta collection. This men’s kurta brand focus on clean lines and perfect tailoring. The brand’s attention to detail ensures that each kurta becomes a statement piece which reflects the refined taste. Their fabric quality is top notch and they bring in different designs and colors. Ismail Farid collection includes Bohemian kurta, bahu salwar kameez, short kurta, cotton shalwar kameez etc.

7. Sapphire

Sapphire’s commitment to staying on trend ensures fresh and modern appeal. Their men’s kurta collection embodies contemporary chic with plenty of designs and color palettes. The designs of Sapphire are known for their versatility Their kurtas designs are suitable for various occasions from casual outings to formal gatherings. This kurta brand designs include embroidered wash and wear kurta, cotton jacquard kurta, viscose suits, winter wash and wear suits and blended wool suits.

8. Cherry House

Cherry house stand out with their unique kurta designs. The kurta brand in Pakistan features distinctive patterns. It appeals to those who seek a touch of individuality in their traditional attire. This brand is most popular because Fahad Mustafa wears and promotes it. He always wears cherry house clothes in his game show and we can clearly see the quality, standard and the style of their kurtas. They have numerous fabric options for kurta designs including Bosky, Egyptian Cotton, wash and wear and simple cotton.

9. Al-Karam

Alkaram studio is a famous and well-known kurta brand offering affordable yet unique designs for all customers. Their diverse and simple kurtas are curated with perfection. Al-karam kurta collections emphasize elegance and simplicity. They focus on clear designs and high quality fabric. The kurta collection of Alkaram strikes a perfect balance between traditional aesthetic and contemporary simplicity. Due to their commitment with style and comfort they have gained a large a white loyal audience. This brand’s kurta designs includes dyed embroidered Jacquard Kurta, Dyed Jacquard kurta, Dyed Khaddar kurta, and dyed embroidered cotton kurta.

10. Nishat Linen

Nishat Linen men’s kurta collection is known for its versatile and vibrant designs. From bold prints to the intricate details, Nishat’s men’s kurta design caters to a diverse taste. The brand provides a range of options making sure that every man can find a kurta which is aligned to their personal style. Nishat linen is a very familiar brand of Pakistan having the highest number of customers being the first choice of men. They always bring the best quality stuff and latest kurta designs which always makes their men’s wear top trending in Pakistan. They have embroidered as well as loose fabric for kurta stitching besides the stitched options.

11. Shahnameh Kurta  

Shahnameh Kurta brings an urban edge to additional attire with their kurta collection known for their modern cuts. The Shahnameh Kurta appeals to the fashion forward man. This brand’s kurta collection is always unique and stylish. Their blend of casual wear with a western fashion sense have appealed to many men. The brand’s kurta designs include shiffili kurta, embroidered kurta, printed kurta, and mid thai men kurta.

12. Ammar Belal

Ammar Belal is famous for its top-notch quality fabric and fashion sense as they manufacture in Europe. This makes the bsrand a bit expensive but if you want to look incredibly good in any gathering then your first choice should be this brand’s kurta designs. This men’s kurta brand also received the lux style award for achievement in mens wear

13. Munib Nawaz Kurta

The Munib Nawaz Kurta brand was established for only men’s wear therefore it has always remained one of the most favorite and go-to-brand of Pakistani men. Founded in 2003, this kurta brand in Pakistan launched pure ethnic and men’s wear including bottom wear, sherwani and kurta in many designs and colors. Many celebrities like Ali Azmat, Atif Aslam, Josh and Ali Zafar are the brand ambassadors. Their kurta collection includes Zelda, Zaphyr, Trilogy, Sunflower, Sacred, Dynamite and Light. They also have embroidered sherwani in many different designs and styles.

In the rich tapestry of Pakistani fashion, the diverse range of kurta brands showcased in this blog reveals not just clothing choices but a dynamic fusion of tradition and modernity. From Edenrobe’s commitment to  Bonanza’s timeless trends, each brand brings a unique perspective to the world of men’s fashion. Junaid Jamshed stands as a pioneer, seamlessly blending heritage with modernity, while Gul Ahmed and Khaadi captivate with rich textures, vibrant hues, and artistic expressions. Ismail Farid’s tailored sophistication, Sapphire’s contemporary chic, and Cherry House’s classic charm offer distinct choices for those seeking individuality in their attire.

Al-Karam and Nishat strike a balance between elegance and versatility, emphasizing simplicity and vibrant designs.  Each brand has their unique offerings that  cater to the diverse preferences and personalities of men who think of  kurta as more than just clothing but either a i reflection of identity.

As we conclude this exploration of kurta brands in Pakistan, it’s evident that the landscape of traditional attire is filled with creativity, innovation, and a commitment to quality. In the realm of traditional attire, the journey is ongoing, and each kurta brand is a chapter, contributing to the ever-evolving narrative of men’s fashion in Pakistan.

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