Best Pakistan Jewelry Brands 2023

Jewelry is one of the favorite possession of a woman. Whether she wants to wear it or not, her closet is always stocked up with some pretty jewelry designs. Pakistani women love to adore delicate jewelry pieces casually and at different events. Keeping in view, the rising demand of high quality jewelry, Pakistani jewelry brands come up with the top trending jewelry designs every now and then. These jewelry brands strive to provide the best designs and quality in the market. That’s why Pakistani jewelry brands are one of the most popular jewelry brand in Asia and all over the globe. Let us have a short review of the top 10 jewelry brands in Pakistan.

Top 10 Jewelry Brands in Pakistan

Among the best jewelry brands in Pakistan, there is a huge variety of designs. Be it gold jewelry or silver jewelry, antique or artificial jewelry, you can get everything at these brands. Here is list of the top trending and trustworthy Pakistani jewelry brands 2023. They include artificial, gold, silver and diamond jewelry brands in Pakistan.

1- Hanif Jewelers- Luxury jewelry brand in Pakistan

Hanif Jewelers are the top notch jewelers in Pakistan. They are working with an experience and excellence of 40 years. They design the most beautiful and stylish jewelry design. Also, they bring gold, silver and diamond jewelry collection. They also provide intricate designs of watches. Their diamond collection is unparalleled. They are the best luxury jewelry brand in Pakistan. Check them out to get the most astonishing pieces of jewelry for your upcoming events.

2- Damas Jewelers- A name of quality

Have a glance at the jewelry pieces of Damas jewelers and you won’t believe your eyes. They got the prettiest collection of statement jewelry. It is not only the best jewelry brand in Pakistan but it also supplies jewelry to the Middle East. There are various brands that work under Damas jewellers. Vera, forevermark and OneSixEight are a few names. Vera brings the stunning collection of earrings and rings. Forevermark is a place of gold jewelry and diamonds. OneSixEight comes up with the striking diamonds.

3- Almas Jewelers- Stylish jewelry brand in Pakistan

Every woman is well aware of Almas Jewellers in Pakistan. They earned their high repute because if their intense hard work and best quality since 1978. A family owns this jewelry brand in Pakistan. It not only provides signature jewelry designs in Pakistan but also in other parts of the world like USA etc. The best thing about Almas jewellers is their exceptional quality. They have a huge collection of bridal jewelry sets. They bring the best gold necklaces, chains, oversized gold chokers and gold earrings in the market.

4- Tesoro Jewelers- Best artificial jewelry brand 2023

Pakistani jewelry brands never forget to bring innovation in their designs. Tesoro jewellers, a name of trust and quality, brings dazzling designs of ethnic jewelry. Their catalog contains latest designs of contemporary jewelry designs. They have got a breathtaking collection architectural designs like Polki and Bali. Whether you want to get a plain or monochrome ethnic design or a multicolored jewelry set, you got everything in one place. Shop now.

Tesoro Jewellery Set

5- ARY Jewelers- Exceptional jewelry designs

ARY jewellers are the most famous trustworthy Pakistani jewelry brands in Pakistan with an online shopping facility. In addition to the gold jewelry, the present stunning diamond collection and a range of silver jewelry. They have stores in Karachi, Rawalpindi and Lahore. Their exceptional gold jewelry catalog includes 18, 20 and 22 karats of gold jewelry designs.


6- Afzal Jewelers- Best jewelers in Pakistan

Another very famous jewelry brand is Pakistan in the Afzal Jewellers. At IPPA London, they got the award of the best jewellers in 2017. Their specialty is high class diamonds and gold. Their designs are so fine and delicate that they grab your attention at first glance. If you are a fan of diamonds, check out Afzal jewellers because you will never regret it.

7- Rabia Mustafa- Classy jewelry brand in Pakistan 2023

Another name of artificial jewelry in Pakistan is Rabia Mustafa. This brand strives to deliver the latest trends of classy jewelry in your budget friendly prices. They have a diverse range of designs that consist pearls, Kundan, Meenakari and zircon. Check out the astonishing articles of this Pakistani jewelry brand.

8- Needles Jewelers- Waterproof jewelry designs 2023

Since 2012, needle jewellers are satisfying their customers with the intricate designs of artificial jewelry.  They are an online store that present a huge diversity of silver, platinum, rhodium and gold jewelry designs. The most extraordinary thing about them is that they provide a collection of lovely waterproof jewelry in pocket friendly prices. They got gorgeous designs for every age group in every price range. Have a look at their catalog and check out what catch your attention.

9- Rawayat- A place of artificial jewelry

Rawayat is a home of most beautiful artificial jewelry. They got good quality jewelry designs in the most affordable price. Their catalog comprises rings, earrings, studs, chokers, necklaces and bracelets. Moreover, they have jewelry sets in all colors. They present neatly designed trendy and cultural pieces of jewelry. Their jhumka collection makes them one of the best artificial jewelry brand in Pakistan. You can easily match your attires with them.

10- Zewar khan- Traditional afghan jewelry brand 2023

Zewar khan brings the best collection afghan jewelry in Pakistan. They have the most ethnic pieces of oversized chokers, necklaces, earrings, studs and handcuffs. In addition to this, they a huge catalog of Mala sets and mathapati. The metal is deconstructed from the original afghan jewelry. These articles comprise appealing embellishment as well as precious and semi-precious stones. You can get this jewelry for cultural events as well as for weddings. They got designs that go well with both eastern and western attires. They are the perfect jewelry brand in Pakistan for traditional and aesthetic designs. You can shop high quality Afghan jewelry online at Zewar khan.

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