Top 10 perfumes for men in Pakistan

Are you looking for the best perfumes for men in Pakistan? The way you smell says a lot about your personality and self-care. No matter which clothing brand you wear and what price it is, if you do not smell good, all of it goes in vain—being a man you have to work a lot at your workplace, home, and other places. You also have to go out frequently in a day in all weather conditions. Your sweat glands are much more active when you perform a lot of physical tasks no matter how small or big.

Besides taking care of your regular hygiene, using good quality and long-lasting perfumes is essential. Especially in the summer season, when the scorching heat of the sun activates high perspiration levels, it also becomes a priority to use long-lasting fragrances to smell good. You must not overlook the quality and type of perfumes you use. Because they are a decisive factor in the way you carry your personality and leave your impression on your surroundings. If you are unfamiliar with the best perfumes for men in Pakistan, this article is for you. We have assembled the top 10 perfumes for men in Pakistan that are highly recommended due to their quality and aroma.

10 Best perfumes for men in Pakistan

Let us have a look at the top 10 perfumes for men in Pakistan with prices.

Sr. noPerfumes and brandsPrices (approx.) in Rupees
1.Spice and Wood by Creed159k
2.Louis Vuitton perfume Matiere Noire110k
3.Coco Noir by Chanel50k
4.Armani Perfume Aqua Di Gio46k
5.Intense Oud Men Edp by Gucci45k
6.Eau Savage Intense by Dior33k
7.Obsession by Calvin Klein8-25k
8.Desire by Dunhill9k
9.Royal Power by Bonanza Satrangi5k
10.Hugo Boss by Saeed Ghani1200

The details of their fragrances and the prices of these perfumes are mentioned. You can check them out before buying your new perfumes.

1- Spice and Wood by Creed

Are you in search of the best masculine scent in the world? If yes, your search has come to an end because Creed has come up with the best perfume for men in Pakistan i.e. spice and wood.  It has a powerful fragrance that comes in an attractive and expensive packaging. It is the best gift that you can give your friends. This matchless perfume has a mixed aroma of cedarwood, apples, and warm clove. This citrus and spicy base is mixed with top notes of bergamot, lemon, vetiver, and Jamaican pepper. It is quite expensive at a price of about 159k in Pakistan and trust us, it is worth it. You can easily upgrade your fragrance collection with this perfume and leave an everlasting impression of your persona wherever you go. Check out spice and wood by creed!

2- Louis Vuitton perfume Matiere Noire

Louis Vuitton is a signature choice of the male celebrities. It has a huge range of alluring scents that are irresistible. Louis Vuitton has come up with another best perfume for men in Pakistan in 2016. This perfume Matiere Noire has a rich scent of dark wood and white floral accords perfectly balanced by top notes of watery dandelions and blackcurrant syrup. It also encapsulates a unique combination of jasmine, oud, cyclamen, narcissus, and patchouli. It lasts for about 24 hours. This unforgettable fragrance is highly recommended by fashion freaks and fragrance lovers. It comes in rich packaging and has a price of about 109,299 PKR. It is no doubt a good investment. Get yours now!

3- Coco Noir by Chanel

Who on earth is not a fan of Chanel? Chanel is a tycoon in the world of perfumes. It offers premium quality scents and the best perfumes for men in Pakistan. Chanel’s Coco Noir is the most beloved perfume of this brand for men. It has a unique masculine fragrance which is blended with woody and citrus notes that are impossible to resist. Coco Noir has a rich blend of pink pepper, ginger, grapefruit, and mint that keeps you revitalized all day with an extra dose of confidence and energy. This unforgettable Chanel perfume for men in Pakistan is available for about 49 to 50k PKR. Its price completely justifies its quality. Grab yours now because it is going to be your staple perfume.

4- Armani Perfume Aqua Di Gio

Giorgio Armani is another amazing brand that offers the best perfumes for men in Pakistan. It has a wide range of richly sophisticated choices for classy men. The best perfume of this brand is Aqua di Gio. It has a fresh smell that is fused with cedar and musky notes to provide a citrus-lemony fragrance. Its citrus smell is the best choice for those who love crisp and fresh perfumes. The aromatic rosemary of this perfume lasts up to 12 hours. So, if you are looking for the perfect citrus scent with a unique sea-nuance, check this out. It comes in around 45 to 46k in Pakistan.

5- Intense Oud Men Edp by Gucci

Gucci is the boss in the fragrance industry. Its highly luxurious perfumes are famous not only in Pakistan but all around the world. Gucci provides you with multiple options of rich aromas but the best perfumes for men in Pakistan is Gucci’s intense Out Men Edp. It has a woody base and a statement scent that is long-lasting and enticing. It comes in a signature black packaging that exudes the royalty and luxurious nature of this perfume. If you are looking to invest in a premium quality perfume that stays all day long, this is a good choice to go with. It is a bit pricey but its long shelf life makes it worth it. This amazing Gucci perfume for men in Pakistan is available at around 44999PKR. Get yours now!

6- Eau Savage Intense by Dior

Dior has set an unparalleled legacy in the world of perfumes. Its exquisite range of matchless perfumes is famous all around the world. It delivers the best perfumes for men in Pakistan. Most of its perfumes have a vanilla, lily, and peony base with multiple different aromatic notes to spice them up. Eau savage intense is their long-lasting and seductive perfume. It lasts up to 12 hours and has a strong masculine aroma. It is an instant confidence booster and a must-try. Dior Eau savage intense is available in Pakistan at about 33k PKR. Grab yours now!

7- Obsession by Calvin Klein

Obsession is a classy scent that comes in a transparent bottle of 0.5 fl oz. This is one of the best perfumes for men in Pakistan due to its unique accords. It has a nice mandarin, nutmeg, amber, and sandalwood base that gives a long-lasting aroma to your skin. It is enriched with traces of cinnamon and other spices. This irresistible fragrance is available in Pakistan at around 8 to 25k PKR. Try it out and you’ll never regret it!

8- Desire by Dunhill – Perfume for Men

If you are looking for a perfume that defines your persona and imparts a true gentleman impression to you, Dunhill is your go-to place. Dunhill has a history of creating unique scents that are everyone’s forever favorite. Among the best perfumes for men in Pakistan, Desire Blue by Dunhill is the most popular choice. It has a rich fragrance that lasts as long as 8 hours. However, you can’t over-apply it. It has a decent combination of a synthetic fruity smell and a rosewood-musky theme that gives a classy and impressive scent. This perfume is available in just 9000PKR and is worth it.

9- Royal Power by Bonanza Satrangi

If you are in quest of the perfect men’s perfume, your wait is over. Because Bonanza Satrangi has got you covered. Bonanza Satrangi provides you with one of the best perfumes for men in Pakistan. Its Royal power is here to empower you with its fantastic aroma and boost your confidence in no time. This perfume is an all-time favorite for its enchanting fragrance which is a mix of rosy lavender and sweet vanilla. In addition to this, it comprises oudh, amber, white floral accords, and wood musy notes that uplift the effect of this amazing perfume. This long-lasting fragrance lasts for about 6 hours minimum giving you a longer span to enjoy your favorite perfume. This contemporary perfume comes at an affordable price of about 4999PKR. So what is stopping you?

10- Hugo Boss by Saeed Ghani

Choosing the right perfume significantly affects the impression of your presence wherever you go. Saeed Ghani provides you with a highly affordable fragrance that has a long-lasting and fresh smell. Hugo Boss by Saeed Ghani is a timeless choice that will always uplift your confidence. It comes just in 1200PKR and you can easily order it online. This perfume is a blend of nice citrus and floral accords that combine to give a spice and woody aroma that feels so good that you can’t resist it. Check out this best perfume for men in Pakistan online and in stores now.

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