What to Wear to a Pakistani Wedding

Pakistani wedding season comes with an air of joy, an aroma of delicious food, a blend of cultural and contemporary fashion, and a sweet palette of colors. It is the time when we witness the best of culture and wardrobes. Ladies pick out their favorite ensembles from their closets and style them in the most unique and gorgeous outfits. However, the choice of dressing always remains a perplexing question. Everyone wants to look the best and be the center of attraction at weddings. So the most common question is, ‘What to wear to a Pakistani wedding?’

This question is quite difficult yet easy at the same time. What you wear to a Pakistani wedding depends on your personal preference, the formality of the event, the cultural demands, and the latest fashion trends in the country. These trends keep on changing every year but the overall theme of Pakistani weddings remains almost the same. To address your wedding dressing issues here is a brief collection of ideas that cater to your needs whenever you ponder, ‘What to wear to a Pakistani wedding?’ Read it out and make your weddings easier and more comfortable.

What to wear to a Pakistani wedding as a guest?

If you are attending a wedding as a guest, you need not to worry. You have a lot of options to wear at a wedding. While selecting your attire keep in mind a few things such as

· What is the demand of the occasion? Is it a formal or informal gathering for you? For instance, if you are attending the wedding ceremony of a colleague or a fellow at the workplace, you need to dress up formally to attend the event. However, at the wedding ceremony of your friends, family, or cousins you can go out of the box to dress up informally and select heavy dresses. In addition to this dress according to the type of function. For example, go for colorful dresses at dholki and mehndi, pastels dresses at nikkah and reception, and trendy designs at barat.

· Choose Wisely: As a guest, your dresses must not be too heavy or too simple. Don’t forget that you are a guest and it’s not your wedding. Let the bride steal the show while you add your grace to the event by styling simply yet elegantly.

· Don’t forget seasonal demands:

What to wear to a Pakistani wedding in different seasons? Before you select your outfits, check out weather conditions. For winter, the best choice is to wear velvet or silk dresses. However, you can pair up chic outerwear with your attire if you are planning to wear chiffon or other lightweight fabrics. For the summer season, breathable fabrics are life saviors.

· Color themes are another trending part of Pakistani weddings nowadays. For instance, if you are attending a nikkah event, the theme of the event might be set to white or other pastels. Synchronize your dress colors with the decided theme mentioned on the invitation card.

· Cultural values: Last but the most important thing while considering, ‘what to wear to a Pakistani wedding as a guest?’ is to keep in mind the cultural and societal values. The Pakistani Fashion industry offers a lot of stuff to wear at weddings. You can explore the luxury and wedding collections of the top online stores and brands to get updated with the latest fashion.

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What do female guests wear to a Pakistani wedding?

Females have more options for styling as compared to men. As a female guest, you can opt to wear the latest fashion wear from different clothing brands in Pakistan. For formal wedding events, explore the luxury collection of designers or clothing brands in Pakistan. For informal and family weddings, just have a look into the wedding couture of Pakistani fashion designers to find the outfits of your choice. Here are the most popular choices that answer, ‘What do female guests wear to a Pakistani wedding?’

  • Formal kurta with capri trousers
  • Anarkali suit
  • Maxi
  • Lehenga choli
  • Saree
  • Embroidered long and short frocks
  • Pishwas
  • Sharara or gharara

What should a man wear to a Pakistani wedding?

Men have fewer options to wear on dressy occasions however the color combinations and designs are countless. Pakistani traditional dresses such as kurta shalwar, sherwani, achkan, waistcoat, and turban are the most popular choices to wear to weddings. In addition to this, men love to pair up these dresses with elegant shawls in the winter season. Moreover, most of the men opt to wear suits at wedding receptions owing to the demand of the event.

Can you wear black to a Pakistani wedding?

Previously black was a color to express sadness or sorrow. It was not considered a lucky thing to wear at happy occasions such as weddings. But with the passage of time and the evolution of fashion, black has become way more than that. It has come out to be the most graceful color as it provides the perfect canvas for other colors. Be it embroidery or colorful patches, 3D embellishments, or motifs, black uplifts every design to the next level making it the most enchanting color. You can wear black at Pakistani weddings. Black sarees, maxis, and black kurta trousers are among the most popular choices of ladies at functions. Likewise, men can also wear traditional or trendy black attires such as suits, waistcoats, shawls, kurtas, and so on.

What not to wear to a Pakistani wedding?

This is one of the most important questions when selecting your wedding dresses. As mentioned above, Pakistani weddings are a blend of cultural and societal norms. This demands a sophisticated dressing style that equally resonates with the culture as well as the trends. It is preferable not to wear Western dresses at Pakistani weddings such as tops and jeans, skirts, etc. Be simple and elegant at formal events and trendy at informal ones. In addition to this, don’t forget to check out the latest trends at clothing brands in Pakistan.

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